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Over the past 1630 days, I have worked on key projects that have shaped my software journey. While some remain private, I’m excited to contribute more to open-source projects soon.


FinanzflussFinanzfluss - track your assets & understand your investments

As a frontend developer at Finanzfluss, I was responsible for various areas of the development of Finanzfluss Copilot, an asset tracker that helps users track their portfolio and understand their investments. I developed frontend components using TypeScript, plain React, Material UI and Figma.

Josh Tried Coding

Josh Tried CodingJosh Tried Coding - german software engineer with a passion for YouTube

Together with the German software developer and YouTuber Josh (Tried Coding), I moderate the official joshtriedcoding software development Discord server and help members with web development issues. Josh has over 140k subscribers on YouTube and is known for his modern web development tutorials and coding content.


CreatorHeroCreatorHero - the must have tool for content creators & agencies

During my time at CreatorHero, I was part of the Chrome extension development team and developed microservices using React, Material UI and Go. Among other things, I developed a module that automatically tracks and visualizes the impressions of TikTok videos from certain users.


SwooplySwooply - real-time API to save money and maximize Amazon deals and freebies

Together with a developer friend of mine, I created Swooply - a powerful APIaaS that we constantly updated to stay ahead of the competition. Through a well thought-out and highly scalable architecture of our system and the fight against antibots, we managed to ingest, analyze, and forward hundreds of thousands of deals to customers and third parties. We developed Swooply using Go, Redis, Websockets, Postgres and multiple custom implementations.


SnipSnip - e-commerce automation

As the co-founder of Snip, I was solely responsible for creating both the desktop application and backend using technologies such as TypeScript, Electron, React, Redux, Babel, TailwindCSS, Fastify, Websockets, Prisma, and Postgres. Despite being the only person responsible for development, I ensured that the platform was able to efficiently analyze and distribute deals across multiple platforms and clients. However, I voluntarily left the company due to co-founder complications.


DreamCarsDreamCars - the better way to buy and sell classic or collectible cars

As a full stack developer at DreamCars, I was part of both the frontend and backend teams. I was responsible for the listing process of cars, payment handling, and developed React components (using TypeScript, Next.js, and Chakra UI) as well as REST-API routes (using Fastify, Prisma, and PostgreSQL).

Cop Supply

Cop SupplyCop Supply - link list for bots, proxies, cook groups and more

Cop Supply is the go-to link list in the reselling industry, providing a comprehensive directory of links for all your sneaker reselling needs. As part of the team, my role included the development of Discord bots using TypeScript, Discord.js and MongoDB, as well as PHP-based website customizations and enhancements.


Software Engineer • 2024